The following is a list of working Rodeo committees with brief descriptions. Please review each and consider your own personal schedule and desire.

Carnival Committee - Tank Tankersley
Responsible for the Carnival. Cinco Ranch Lions Club coordinates the carnival. 50% of all profits are donated back to the KFLSRA.

Concessions Committee - Kirk Jurecka
Katy Knights of Columbus Council 6950 provide the food and beverages during the day for the Katy FFA Livestock Show and then at night to the Katy Rodeo. 50% of all profits are donated back to the KFLSRA.

Office/Financials – Ashlee Laird
Works throughout the year and during the rodeo to to assure all financial matters are handled properly.

Arena Committee - George Thomas
Required to work with the arena director to insure:
A) The arena and grounds are ready for the Special Needs Rodeo, the CPRA Rodeo, and Alumni Events. This includes any repairs that need to be made by our committee before and during the event.
B) Work with the arena director during the rodeo to insure the rodeo is handled in a safe and efficient manner.
C) Assist the stock contractor.

Facility Committee - Gerald Young
Consist of members of KISD who oversee the facility being used.

Logistics Committee - Robert Jinks
Handles all parking for public and Contestants, also inspects coggins papers before contestants can enter the grounds. Works with the carnival representative on where to set up and any issues with electric or water. Coordinates with KISD Police on patrol and safety matters during the Rodeo. Coordinates with KISD on any outside the arena issues or repairs.

Parade Committee - Becky Alsup
Responsible for the planning and all activities related to the parade.

Purchasing Committee - Gail Hanna
Includes covering all pre-rodeo purchases from insurance for the event, directors and volunteers; buckle design and ordering; badge design and ordering; trophies and ribbon ordering for youth events; calf scramble shirt coordination, design and ordering; bull fighter shirt coordination, design and ordering; back number ordering; hotel room booking for stock contractor, funny man or announcer when needed.

Social Media Committee - Carrie Lowery & Tyler Mursuli
Responsible for the Facebook and Twitter web site information.

Sponsorship Committee - Bruce McPherson & Matt Sinclair
Responsible for securing sponsors for rodeo events and available advertising space. Primary duties include: (1) soliciting new sponsors, (2) renewing last year's sponsors, (3) coordinating sign fabrication, (4) facilitating sponsorship payment, and (5) install, remove, and store all sponsorship materials. Although it is not required, it is helpful if committee members are proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Tickets Committee - Cris Martinez
Responsible for coordinating and organizing all areas of ticket sales, including number of boxes, number of box-seats, ticket prices, cash deposits, box ticket sponsors, box prices, online ticket pre-sale, collection of tickets at gate, printing box tickets, ticket sponsor, etc.

Website Media Committee - Tyler Mursuli
Responsible for the web site.

Scholarship Committee – Carrie Lowery
Responsible for coordination with the FFA Directors to create applications, distribute the applications, and retrieve completed applications and to award the scholarship(s).

Youth Events Committees:

A) Mutton Bustin' - Gail Hanna
Committee is responsible for the Mutton Bustin event held during the rodeo. Duties including working a one day sign up in early February and then working and coordinating with parents the night of event that includes checkin, lineup and participation.

Stick Horse - Carrie Lowery
Committee is responsible for the Stick Horse event held during the rodeo. Duties including working to facilitate the making of the stick horses for sale at the rodeo and coordinating the lineup each night during the rodeo for the race.

C) Jr. Barrels - Steven Poorman
Committee is responsible for signup and coordinating Jr. Barrels.

D) Calf Scramble – Mort Smith
Responsible for the signup of the students with the FFA Director and coordinates the check in, lineup, and production of the event each nightduring the rodeo